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Unicorn Princess

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Do you believe?

Universally acclaimed protector from bad dreams and official wish-granter,  the Unicorn Princess uses her magic to spread rainbows and happiness wherever she goes! Join her in fun straight from the unicorn kingdom, Sundoria, such as:

  • Grand Entrance with Music, Meet-N-Greet, and Posing for Photos

  • Live Singing (LISTEN HERE)

  • Ribbon Dancing

  • Face Painting OR Mini Makeovers

  • Balloon Twisting

  • Royalty Training

  • Character-Inspired Party Games

  • Interactive Storytelling

  • Mini Magic Show

  • Petite Tea Time

  • Creative Coloring

  • Fun with Bubbles 

  • Group Wishes Activity

  • Coronation Ceremony with Tiara to Keep!

  • Sing Happy Birthday/Cake Time


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