• Events are to please be held in an outdoor location. In the event of rain or other unsatisfactory weathcer conditions, we may move to an indoor location that has plenty of ventilation (ie. filtered air or windows/doors open)

  • Characters wear a themed mask for their safety and the safety of guests in attendance. 

  • Able guests over the age of 2  are asked to also wear a mask or facial covering for the duration of our stay. We are understanding of any guest with medical or sensory conditions that prohibit doing so. 

  • Adults are asked to keep a mindful distance of 6 feet from the characters at all times.

1. Performance of Services

Crystal Castle Entertainment shall perform services as outlined by information below. Performer will bring supplies to complete activities requested in package details on client's booking form. All activity options are listed on website and available upon request. CCE purposefully over-schedules activities so that the Performer never runs out of entertainment for the children. The Client is asked to prioritize activity requests and understands that the Performer will do as many activities as time allows.


2. Completion of Activities

Due to time constraints and the unpredictable nature of events, no single activity can be guaranteed. Performer reserves the right to change the party itinerary/activities if they determine it is in the best interest of the Client’s event.

3. Terms & Conditions/Retainer

Missing booking details, acknowledgement and agreement to these terms and conditions AND submission of non-refundable booking fee are due immediately upon receipt of booking link. All must be submitted in order to secure Client’s event date. CCE will not attend the event in the absence of any one of latter requirements.


Booking fees are accepted via PayPal (no account required, may check out using "Pay with Debit/Credit Card" option linked underneath login). We may also accept credit card over the phone. A grace period of 48 hours to submit the necessary paperwork and payments will be provided to the client during which the client’s date, time frame, and entertainment choice will be held at no cost. If booking fee is not received within the 48 hour grace period, client forfeits priority and CCE will have the right to release their reserved date, time frame, and/or character to the next interested client/party.

4. Payment

Client agrees upon accepting these terms and conditions to pay the amount as defined on the booking finalization form. Any remaining balance is to be paid in CASH ONLY to the performer by the departure time stated on this agreement. Any unpaid balance will be charged to the client, and an additional invoice sent to client. An additional fee will be charged to the client if any payment is returned as non-sufficient funds.

5. Remaining Balance

Client agrees to pay balance in the form of CASH ONLY at the end of the event. Any other form of payment will NOT be accepted. Please note performers do not carry change. We ask that the final payment is exchanged in an envelope or at least out of view of children in order to preserve the magic!

6. Gratuity 

The package price does not include gratuity for the Performer. Gratuity is never required but always appreciated! We recommend the standard 15-20%.

7. Relationship of Parties

It is the client's responsibility to fill out the booking finalization form completely and accurately. Crystal Castle Entertainment cannot provide services upon client’s incorrect or incomplete event information, missing terms and conditions agreement, and/or unreceived booking fee. CCE will not be held accountable for services not rendered due to failure on behalf of client to disclose essential and required details (correct event address, parking/driving directions, correct phone number) to CCE. If any incomplete information, signature/entire agreement form, or the booking fee is not submitted by 5pm on the night before the event date, reservation may be cancelled by CCE. Client will not be refunded any monies previously paid to the company.

8. Changes to Activities

Changes to activities are at the discretion of the booking team and are based on availability. Preferred activities must be finalized no later than a 3 days before the party date to ensure preparations are properly made. If preferred activities are not finalized by the required time, CCE reserves the right to select alternative activities.

9. Subtracting Time from Booked Party

Any changes made to party length that decrease the original time frame booked upon accepting the terms and conditions and/or submitting the booking fee must be made no later than 2 weeks before the party and are at the discretion of the booking team. Changes made within 2 weeks before event date will be subject to a cancellation fee. Fee amount will be based on the original time frame booked and how much time client wishes to detract from the event. 


10. Adding Time

Client may reserve additional time in 30 minute increments after signing the contract at any time, based on performer availability. Above stated terms regarding decreasing time apply to any time added to event after acceptance of terms and conditions.

Additional Time at Event: Client understands that a timely departure is necessary in order for the performer to safely commute to her or his next event. Performers have no obligation to stay over the departure time specified on the booking form, including instances where event begin late on the behalf of the client or if client is running late on time.  If a Client wishes a performer to stay longer than the booked time, the Client must discreetly pull performer away from the children and other guests and discuss the matter at least 10 minutes before the end of the event. Staying additional time is at the discretion of the performer. The performer is to be paid for each additional 15 minutes she/he stays over the originally agreed departure time (rounded up). Note that the Client will not be charged for any extra time stayed over the booked time by the performer on their own accord without first discussing and confirming with client. If during the event client wishes the performer to leave before the predetermined departure time, the full remaining balance will still be due.

11. Late Arrivals

In the rare instance a performer arrives late, performer will stay the amount of time they were tardy over the scheduled departure time at no expense to the client.

12. Additional Children

While we do not charge for number of party guests, client acknowledges the estimated guest count stated above to be as accurate as possible. Client understands that any unexpected additional guests may affect the number of activities that can be completed. Clients are encouraged to book a second performer for groups of children over 12 to ensure quality of performance.

13. Photos 

Photos may occasionally be taken by performers at events for promotional purposes. Child's names, ages and other personal information will never be disclosed to the public. If there is a child present that cannot have their photo taken, please bring it to the attention of the performer.

14. Event Venue

Proper accommodations will be provided for the successful execution of activities and to aid the performer in the maintenance of CCE’s costumes. We are happy to perform outside in dry, mud/dirt free environments only. Characters will not perform outside in inclement weather including rain, extreme winds, extreme temperatures, etc due to the delicate and expensive nature of the costumes-inside accommodations must be made by the client prior to performer’s arrival. For temperatures exceeding 90’F, performer must be provided a shaded area and access to water. Please note some activities may be affected depending on the weather conditions. If performer arrives at the scheduled event and accommodations are not met as outlined above, performer may be entitled to leave with full payment of any remaining balance and without client’s right to reschedule.

Performance Space: Client hereby understands activities require adequate space to be performed. If space requirements per specified activity are not met, activity may not be performed. Face painting requires a standard size table (at least 3’x3’) and 2 standard sized chairs to be provided by client. If table/chairs cannot be provided by client, client may request performer to bring these supplies, and client will provide sufficient space for set-up.

15. Supervision

Client acknowledges performers are strictly entertainers and not to be qualified as/mistaken for caretakers at events. Client is responsible to have adult supervision for all children and their belongings at all times. The performer will not perform if there is not an adult present in the performance space. The Performer is responsible only for the flow of the event and activities. Performer will not be held liable for any injuries or incidents among children with no adult present or otherwise. The Client is responsible for monitoring disruptive behavior and attending to any child who does not want to participate. If extremely disruptive behavior persists from any given child or event guest that puts the performer or property of CCE at risk, performer will reserve the right to leave the event early with full pay/no refund to client.

16. Allergies

Client must inform CCE of any allergies to food or products such as nail polish, latex, acrylics, temporary tattoos, or face paints prior to event. Client understands that CCE is not responsible for any injuries or allergic reactions that occur.

17. Liability

Crystal Castle Entertainment CE is not responsible for any injuries, lost children or belongings of the client and/or guests. The Client agrees to hold and keep harmless CCE and it’s Performers from any and all property damages and/or bodily injury damage caused by the Client’s guests. Client agrees to not hold CCE responsible for causes beyond reasonable control (“Force Majeure”) including, without limitation, Acts of God, fire, explosion, vandalism, storm or other similar occurrence, orders or acts of military or civil authority, national emergencies, insurrections, riots, wars, strikes, lock-outs, work stoppages, other labor disputes, or supplier failures that may cause cancellation or interference of the event. The excused party shall use reasonable efforts under the circumstances to avoid or remove such causes of non- performance and shall proceed to perform with reasonable dispatch whenever such causes are removed or ceased. An act or omission shall be deemed within the reasonable control of a party if committed, omitted, or caused by such party, or its employees, officers, agents, or affiliates.

18. Damage to Crystal Castle Entertainment Property

While understood that accidents happen, the client may be held responsible for excessive damage sustained to costumes and property of CCE during Client’s event. The cost to replace/repair damaged/broken costumes or materials will be billed to the Client.

19. Safety

Safety of all persons at event is a number one priority. Our performers are trained to keep the safety of your guests in mind at all times. If ever there is a situation where the performer(s) feels unsafe (including harassment, life-threatening situations, endangerment of CCE costumes and supplies, etc.), they will address with issue with the parent/guardian. If the issue is not resolved, the performer will hold the right to leave with full pay.
Client will be obligated to pay any remaining balance due at event in full without the right to rescheduling should performer depart event early due to unsafe circumstances.

20. Smoking

Smoking will not be tolerated. Some performers have sensitivities to smoke. Additionally, the costumes and property of CCE are very valuable and will not be subject to smoke of any kind which can damage the costumes. We kindly ask you refrain from smoking during our stay. If performer is not provided a smoke-free space in which to perform, they will be obligated to leave with full pay and without client’s right to reschedule.

21. Cancellations & Rescheduling

Booking fees are non-refundable. If a Client chooses to cancel a reserved event due to causes including but not limited to weather, unforeseen circumstances, or illness the Client will be allowed 1 year from the original event date to reschedule their event based on CCE's availability, after which their retainer will expire. An event may be rescheduled 1 time free of charge. Further requests may be subject to a rescheduling fee of $20. In the case of severe weather or unforeseen circumstance CCE reserves the right to reschedule client’s event. In the rare case a performer is unable to attend due to illness or unforeseen circumstance, CCE will put forth best efforts to find a replacement. If cancellation without the possibility of rescheduling on company’s behalf is initiated by CCE, all monies paid to CCE from client shall be limited to the return of all payments received for the booking fee only. Additionally, CCE reserves right to cancel the event for any reason with a full refund to client. If any refund is merited, it will be paid out within 1 week of issue date.