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Crystal Castle Entertainment began in hopes of developing  a new standard in party character entertainment. As an experienced singer/actress who also adores working with children, I sought a way to combine my passions with my love for fairytale characters and their stories. That's when I came across the world of "princess-ing".


Over the next few years, I discovered many companies that provided either impressive character impersonations, or worked great with kids, or offered exciting high-energy activities, or had talented singers/face painters/balloon artists -- but very few companies delivered on ALL fronts. I was eager to change that. 

Having grown up with them myself, the characters our company portrays hold a dear place in my heart.  I understand all too well just how much these characters mean to little ones and the huge impact they have on young lives. That's why it's so important to me that our entertainers are trained not only to give exemplary performances as but also generate unforgettable interactions every single moment of a child's special celebration.

To be able to inspire, encourage, and instill the power of believing in kids all across Southern California every day is an absolute dream come true!  Sometimes I still find it hard to believe I get to play and make  for a livingI simply can't think of a more rewarding profession!

I am so excited to help you grant your little star's fondest wishes. Let's make some magic!


You've poured hours into planning the perfect day for your little star. That's why your celebration is ALWAYS our top priority. We strive for the fastest responses and friendliest customer support for easy communication. Furthermore, you need never to worry about your character not showing up. We've never missed a party, and we aren't about to start now!


We get kids because -- we are kids! Our team is comprised of devoted performers with a passion for play.  We approach each event with imaginations wide open, and encourage kids of all ages to explore other worlds of possibility. Guests are certain to be simply enamored by your performer's youthful spirit.


With over 10 years of experience, we are leaders in our industry. We know every key component essential to making your event a crowning success.  A few simple details is all our pros need from you to make your party practically perfect in every way. Whether this is your 1st time planning or your 10th, we guarantee an experience beyond your greatest expectations. 



Kids notice everything! No detail is too small when making sure our characters are the real deal. We invest countless hours into finding the most exceptional costumes and perfecting our mannerisms for unsurpassable likeness.

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